Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill.

Culture & Values

Culture of Openness

Innovation needs a culture of trust and openness to flourish. In C&R, you can talk through and value your own ideas without hierarchy concerns.

All staff need to attend the daily scrum meeting, in-person or via face-to-face video conference. The scrum meeting lasts about 15 minutes in which everyone reports to the team on tasks completed the day before, time spent, planned tasks for the day and any blockages and risks needing escalation. This allows  identification of any course correction actions needed and for the team to offer assistance.


Knowledge is Limitless

We believe software development is a craft, we strongly encourage sharing knowledge, researching something you do not know and also teaching others what you have discovered.

We organize weekly internal training to create a motivated, skilled and effective workforce through which is essential to performing and keeping up with changes to the working environment. We hosted public training events: Microsoft-sponsored Azure Bootcamp, our developers are keynote speakers at various IT community meetups and developer conferences.

Being Proactive is our DNA

When you find out an issue that may impact your client’s business, why not tell them in advance? This may sound like telling mistakes to others. However, although proactively revealing clients’ problem is difficult as one has to outsmart the other party without sounding conceited, we believe that being proactive is our DNA in C&R. Disclosing error and providing solution or suggestion is a part of our professionalism.


Work-life Balance

Work and family should be well-balanced in everyone’s life. We are devoted to establish a cheerful workplace and we encourage employees to lead a balanced life. We have hosted an array of employee activities like annual dinner, Christmas party, sports day, company trip, etc.